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Judd Apatow

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Judd Apatow

The birthday boy for December 6 is Judd Apatow.

The more I look into the sign of Sagittarius, the more I realize that this is the sign of the proverbial “Jack of all trades.”  Producer, director and screenwriter Judd Apatow reminds me of that.

I consider myself to be a “Jack of all trades,” too.  Although my sun is in Capricorn, I do have Mercury in Sagittarius.  While that position is considered to be Mercury’s detriment, it inhabits my third house in mutual reception to Jupiter in Gemini in the ninth house.

A Capricorn should not find it difficult to choose a single career path.  A Sagittarius, on the other hand, doesn’t have to choose.  With Mercury exerting a strong influence in my natal chart, I think like a Sagittarius.  I suppose that’s why I can’t do just one thing.  Not that I’d want to . . .


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