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Giles Deacon

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Giles Deacon

Today’s birthday boy is Giles Deacon.

I’ve written about Deacon before.  I want so badly to claim him as a Capricorn designer because I personally like his stuff, but I don’t really believe that his clothes give off a Capricorn vibe.  In fact, as time goes by, I believe he’s giving me an Aries vibe — as far as his clients are concerned, anyway.

I suppose I like him because he seems like the most “contemporary” guy in fashion.  Marc Jacobs tries to pull off the same thing, but his vocabulary can be too literal.  Deacon never strikes me as literal.  And although I do find myself looking for meaning in his collections, what I generally take away from his runway is a sense that the man wants to sell his clothes to the modern woman.  It’s one of the most simple messages in fashion, and that sort of simplicity defines the sign of Aries.

His clothes, however, aren’t as simple as other designers I put under the Aries umbrella, but that’s because he personally exhibits the broad-minded characteristics of his sun sign.  His innate Sagittarian individualism may have made him a star, but it’s his ability to speak to a particular sort of woman that has made him a success.


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