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Giles Deacon

After I wrote a brief profile of Giles Deacon yesterday, I remembered that I had discussed the designer’s chart sometime last year.  I went back to read what I had written, and I discovered something spooky!  Here’s what I wrote on May 26, 2010:

This weekend was especially significant [in Giles’ chart] because Jupiter opposed Saturn in the sky.  This intial opposition of the planets occurs once every twenty years.  When the planets meet every twenty years, the aspect is called “the grand conjunction.”  “The grand opposition” is at least as important, and can be even more important when it creates aspects in an individual’s natal chart.  Giles has Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron sitting on or near the signs cusps in his chart.  The Jupiter/Saturn opposition was at 27°52″, almost right on top of his natal Pluto and within orb of aspecting all the other planets mentioned.  Combine that with Uranus sitting in the last degress of Pisces, and there probably won’t be a weekend in Giles Deacon’s life with as much astrological significance.

So to read the news that Giles has been named as the designer for Emanuel Ungaro this past weekend was amazing.  This should be a transformative experience for both Giles and the struggling label, on par with Tom Ford’s tenure at Gucci.  However, over the next week there may be some more news coming.  Jupiter makes its rare conjunction with Uranus on June 8, again within orb of all these major planets on Giles’ chart.  I can’t say that the news will be what the designer wants to hear.  Is Ungaro in worse shape than he realized?  Was he sold a bill of goods when he signed his contract that didn’t disclose exactly what he was getting into?

Now I have no idea why Giles left Ungaro so soon, but it makes me wonder if my prediction came true.  Were those last two sentences somewhat prophetic?  Did he learn something shortly after joining the company that made him feeling like running for the door before he had even put his name on a collection?

Whatever the case, I expect big news involving Giles within the next six weeks.  A T-square between the sun, Saturn and Jupiter hits those same points on Giles’ chart just as the sun leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius in January.  He’s got Saturn conjunct his natal Jupiter at the moment (something that happens about once every twenty-nine years), and transiting Jupiter is conjunct his natal Saturn (something that happens once every twelve years).

This is a fateful time his life.  I haven’t heard his name in association with the job opening at Christian Dior, but upon learning this, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did hear his name soon.  A Sagittarius named John Galliano already did a spectacular job at the helm of the luxury label.  Who’s to say that another one couldn’t fill his shoes?  At this point, it’s as good a guess as any . . .


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