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Lauralee Bell

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Lauralee Bell

The birthday girl for December 22 is Lauralee Bell.

I’m not surprised that the actress who plays Cricket Blair on “The Young and the Restless” is a Capricorn.  When she first started on the show, I hated her guts.  Cricket was supposed to be a model, and I didn’t believe that she was pretty enough or tall enough to be a model.  Fortunately, the producers of the show took advantage of her unpopularity with many fans and made her the show’s tragedy queen.  She was constantly a victim of something (a role currently filled on the show by the character Lily Winters), and it made for great TV.  I loved to hate Cricket.

The character eventually grew up and left the show.  Recently, however, Bell has returned to Y&R for cameo appearances and I’ve been amazed by how beautiful she’s become.  I shouldn’t be amazed, though, because Capricorns are supposed to get better with age.  I shouldn’t even be amazed that I want Bell to return to the show full-time, either.  She’s got plenty of unfinished business in Genoa City.  Ricky has to know that his mother was sent to the loony bin while trying to kill Cricket, right?  I sure hope that he’s the kind of guy who holds a grudge!


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