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Chris Daughtry

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Chris Daughtry

The birthday boy for December 26 is Chris Daughtry.

Out of curiousity, I pulled up Chris Daughtry’s natal chart.  The two of us share the same Sun, Mercury and Venus positions.  However, Daughtry’s moon is in Aries and mine is in Cancer.  He’s probably a lot like me, only less sentimental and a lot more direct.

The one thing that struck me as interesting was the line-up of planets in Virgo.  While he was becoming successful, Saturn was making conjunctions to his natal Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Normally, I’d tell someone that these aspects would likely be negative.  However, because Saturn rules over Capricorn, adverse aspects from transiting Saturn can make a Capricorn work twice as hard to deal with adversity.

I’ve got Saturn in my first house right now.  Most people would find that position of the planet to be oppressive.  I believe it’s going to be constructive.  That’s the difference between a Capricorn like me and the rest of the world.


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