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Sienna Miller & Jude Law

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Sienna Miller & Jude Law

It’s a two-for-one special!  The birthday girl for December 28 is Sienna Miller and the birthday boy for December 29 is Jude Law.

I’ve joked around about these two before; there’s probably not another celebrity couple that I find less interesting.  I really don’t know why I believed that they were the dullest couple in show business while they were together, but I do know that two Capricorns together have a reputation for bringing out the tedium in each other.

Natal Capricorns can thrive on routine.  The one thing that they can get from a partner (unless that partner is a Virgo) is a sense that not everything in life needs to be planned.  When they break free from the shackles of obsessive organization, they learn to appreciate time in a way that makes them much more pleasant to be around.

This is a sign that is always fighting its reputation for being boring.  Capricorns aren’t boring by nature, but they often choose the most boring path in life.  Choosing that path in romance, too, can be a mistake.  Getting along just isn’t enough.  There’s got to be something more between a couple of Capricorns than compatibility: there’s got to be some spontaneity.  Otherwise, this isn’t a match made in heaven.  It’s more like a match made in purgatory.


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