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Eden Riegel

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Eden Riegel

Today’s birthday girl is Eden Riegel.

A few posts back I discussed my feelings about Lauralee Bell and Cricket Blair, the character she plays on “The Young and the Restless.”  Now I just discovered that Genoa City’s other goody-two-shoes lawyer, Heather Stevens, is also played by a Capricorn actress.

Heather has recently moved to New York to be with her mother, April.  April is probably my least-favorite character in the history of the show.  I don’t believe that I’m going to miss the character too much, but I could be wrong.  I really did start to like Lauralee Bell by the time she left the show, and I look forward to her occasional cameo appearances.  One the most exciting moments of the last year or so on Y&R was watching Cricket suck face with Nicholas Newman.  Now that’s a plotline that I hope they will revisit!

Perhaps Eden Riegel will return to the show someday with a whole lot of baggage.  I can’t blame the actress for boring me to tears, but unless her character teams up with her crazy Aunt Patty to kill a few of Genoa City’s more-annoying residence, I’m not going to miss her much.

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