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Angela Lindvall is a Capricorn’s Capricorn

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Angela Lindvall

Click the link above to read an interview with “Project Runway All Stars” host Angela Lindvall.

I’ve never really read much about Lindvall, so I’m surprised to discover that she’s a lot like me.  She’d rather be gardening at home than posing in front of a camera, but she doesn’t dismiss the opportunity to be the center of attention when it is presented to her.  She’s also training to be a yoga instructor — something I’ve been thinking about lately.  I know I’m late to the yoga party, but I’ve got about 4,000 hours of fitness classes under my belt, so the transition to a new discipline would likely be quite smooth.  Lindvall also said this in her interview: “I grew up really quickly. I now say I’m getting younger as I’m getting older.”  If there was ever a quote that defines the Capricorn experience, it’s that.  When I think about the things I did when I was fifteen.  Yikes!

Anyway, I’m really excited about the “All Stars” season and I can’t wait to see how Lindvall progresses on this new career path.  I hope that she does well because the world needs more supermodels like her and her fellow Capricorn, Christy Turlington.

On that note, we Capricorns are quite wonderful, aren’t we?


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