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Trudie Styler

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Trudie Styler

The birthday girl for January 6 is Trudie Styler.

I really don’t know that much about Styler, except that she’s married to Sting.  I met Sting at an autograph session when I was a kid and he was sort of a pompous asshole.  He did not want to be there.  I initially based my impressions of Styler on my impressions of her husband; anyone who would marry a guy like that must be a bitch . . .

But I really don’t know either of them, so I shouldn’t be so judgemental.  In fact, the more I learn about Styler, the more I believe that she’s a lot like me.  We share the same birthday.  We share the same Jupiter position.  We share the same healthy lifestyle and love of exercise.  Neither of us seem to mind getting older, and we both seem to find ourselves quite happy in the company of Libra natives.  The list goes on!

I’m going to try to learn a little more about her.  Except for Christy Turlington, she might be the celebrity with whom I have the most in common.


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