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Catherine Middleton

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Kate Middleton

The birthday girl for January 9 is Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

I’ve made many remarks on this blog about certain celebrities sharing several astrological similarities with me.  I’ve compared myself with Trudie Styler, Christy Turlington and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, just to name a few.  Well, imagine my surprise when I punched up Kate Middleton’s chart just a moment ago to discover that she is practically my astrological twin!

Not only do we share the same sun sign, but we also share a Cancer moon, a Libra rising and Venus in Aquarius: a combination that about one-in-nine-thousand people share.  As far as fashion is concerned, those are the four most important factors in determining an individual’s sense of style.

So do we actually share a similar sense of style?  Of course!  I was delighted to see Kate step off a plane wearing Erdem when she first arrived in Canada this past summer.  I adore Erdem Moralioglu, and was a big fan of the designer before almost anyone on this side of the pond knew who he was.  Some people would look at the Erdem dress in the photo above and claim that it was too matronly for a woman of Kate’s age.  I couldn’t disagree more.  This particular collection by Erdem presented lace in such a fresh fashion and Kate wore it in a manner that was both figure-flattering and appropriate for both the occasion and her position.  It was perfection.

On the same trip, the Duchess received some criticism for wearing a maple-leaf hat with matching shoes on Canada Day.  I thought that she looked gorgeous.  There’s something about the signature style of Capricorn that can allow a native to wear something kitschy without being the butt of the joke.  It was a respectful gesture and she looked both regal and sexy.

Once more she paid respect to the traditions of Canada by donning a cowboy hat and jeans during her time in my home province, Alberta.  I’ll be the first person to admit that the cowboy style that is so popular here doesn’t exactly gel with my fashion sense, but I still manage to respect our traditions — just as any good Capricorn should do.  In fact, the oldest thing in my closet is a Tommy Hilfiger cowboy shirt that I pull out every couple of years when I’m required to dress like a cowboy.  Yes, that’s something that does happen here.

So looking at Kate’s trip to Canada, the impressions that she left me with were terrific.  Her wardrobe was body-conscious, age-appropriate, occasion-appropriate, sometimes kitschy, always sexy and perfectly regal.  Jeez, it’s just like looking into my own closet!


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