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Teresa Graves

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Teresa Graves

The birthday girl for January 10 is Teresa Graves.

When I was a kid there were not a lot of black actresses on TV.  Two in particular, however, caught my eye.  First there was Nichelle Nichols on “Star Trek.”  I was surprised to discover that she’s a Capricorn last year when I profiled her on this blog.  But when I thought about it, it wasn’t that surprising.

So it shouldn’t be that surprising to discover that Teresa Graves was a Capricorn, too.  As the first black woman to have her own one-hour drama series, the “Get Christie Love!” star was a groundbreaker, just like Nichols.

Breaking new ground isn’t something I would associate with the sign of Capricorn.  Nevertheless, being hired for the job because you’re the right person for the job is definitely a Capricorn trait.  Being the one candidate who stands out a job interview (or an audition, for that matter) comes naturally for natives of this sign.  Competency is their gift from the heavens, and that’s what usually gets them to the front of the line.  It really has nothing to do with the desire to be a trailblazer.


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