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Jeff Koons

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Jeff Koons

The birthday boy for January 21 is Jeff Koons.

I adore Jeff Koons, even though his work can be quite controversial.  Wikipedia notes “Critics are sharply divided in their views of Koons.  Some view his work as pioneering and of major art-historical importance.  Others dismiss his work as kitsch: crass and based on cynical self-merchandising.  Koons has stated that there are no hidden meanings in his works, nor any critiques.”  I don’t see cynicism in his work, either.  I don’t believe that Aquarius natives are innately cynical in their youth.  As they age, however, cynicism does creep into almost everything they do.

Last year at this time I posted this diatribe about Aquarius that defines my beliefs about the most misundertood sign of the zodiac.  If Koons follows the typical career trajectory of most Aquarians, I believe that he will become more cynical in the future.  Fortunately, he’s got piles of money, and that will probably keep him from becoming a cranky, old Aquarius grouch in his golden years.

Good for him!


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