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Doutzen Kroes

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Doutzen Kroes

The birthday girl for January 23 is Doutzen Kroes.

I have some controversial opinions about the sign of Aquarius — many of which I developed after I wrote my book.  I believe that Aquarians are innately conventional and must constantly work at becoming distinct.  Being distinct, however, simply means being accepted for many Aquarius natives.  They need to be liked, and if they’re liked for being who they are, they rarely feel the need to do anything but be themselves.

For that reason, I believe that some of the most boring celebrties alive are Aquarians.  Take Jennifer Aniston, for example.  Zzzz . . .

Doutzen Kroes fits into the same category.  She’s probably the most conventionally beautiful supermodel in the world.  While many of modeling’s biggest earners shy away from being pigeonholed, Kroes has successfully embraced her persona as the prettiest girl in the world.  Why should she try to be anything else while the money is rolling in?

If I was her, I wouldn’t change a thing.


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