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Jackson Pollock

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Jackson Pollock

The birthday boy for January 28 is Jackson Pollock.

I maintain the belief of traditional astrologers that Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, not Uranus.  I also maintain that Aquarius is the weakest position of the sun.  For that reason, Aquarius natives are more likely to have less in common with their fellow Aquarians.

Still, there are plenty of individuals born under this sign that seem like Aquarians to me, and plenty who don’t.  I’m sort of on the fence with Jackson Pollock.  He was defiant and experimental in his youth, as anyone with his sun sign should be.  Yet he died at the age of forty-four, not long after his paintings began to define a new era in popular culture.  It makes me wonder what the next thirty or forty years of his life would have brought him had he lived to see the latter part of the twentieth century.

My guess is that he would have been changed by both his popularity and his wealth.  Just as I claim that Aquarians are defiant and experimental in their youth, I also claim that they’re often conservative cranks in their golden years.  The symbol of the water-bearer that defines the sign illustrates the weight of existence breaking them down.  Perhaps that’s what happened to Pollock in his forties, anyway.  I guess we’ll never know.


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