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W. C. Fields

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W. C. Fields

The birthday boy for January 29 is W. C. Fields.

Fields confirms almost everything I believe about the sign of Aquarius.  In his youth, he became known as “The Eccentric Juggler.”  I use the word “eccentric” in my book several times to describe the sort of Aquarius native who retains the unique, youthful character of this sign even as old age creeps up on them.  Maintaining that eccentric quality, however, is a challenge for most water-bearers and they end up more like Fields’ onscreen persona than the quirky character he invented to break into vaudeville.

The W. C. Fields that everyone remembers is the old Aquarius grouch that I keep referencing on this blog.  Experience weighs down the individuals that this sign influences, making them miserable old cranks unless they work continuously to shake the weight of the world off their shoulders.  Fields’ biographers note that the actor’s persona was quite different from his real-life character when he was younger, but many claim that in old age he became the grouch that he portrayed in the movies.

That’s par for the course for the typical Aquarian.  Defying the march of time might be the biggest challenge that anyone born under this sign will ever face.


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