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Carol Channing

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Carol Channing

The birthday girl for January 31 is Carol Channing.

Channing’s natal chart is amazing!  It’s difficult to single out a particular aspect to discuss, but I’m going to do that, anyway.

Aquarius is not the strongest placement of the sun.  Channing’s sun, however, is in the fifth house.  Any time a planet is placed in the house that it rules, that planet is considered to be more powerful.  It’s a rookie mistake for astrologers to discuss something like an insignificant Venus/Pluto aspect when something like this is staring them in the face.  Determining the hierarchy of the aspects and planetary placements is the astrologer’s first job.  If you can’t do that, you need to get another job.

Anyway, the sun in the fifth house is in a very tight opposition with Neptune in the eleventh house.  The eleventh house rules over Aquarius (again, Channing’s sun sign), so that is going to afford more importance to that particular placement.  In Channing’s case, I would expect this very-personalized aspect to endow her with a spiritual connection to performing.  So it’s interesting to read this quote describing her first experience with the theater on her Wikipedia page:

“My mother said, ‘Carol, would you like to help me distribute Christian Science Monitors backstage at the live theatres in San Francisco?’  And I said, ‘All right, I’ll help you.’  I don’t know how old I was.  I must have been little.  We went through the stage door alley (for the Curran Theatre), and I couldn’t get the stage door open.  My mother came and opened it very well.  Anyway, my mother went to put the Monitors where they were supposed to go for the actors and the crew and the musicians, and she left me alone.  And I stood there and realized — I’ll never forget it because it came over me so strongly — that this is a temple.  This is a cathedral.  It’s a mosque.  It’s a mother church.  This is for people who have gotten a glimpse of creation and all they do is recreate it.  I stood there and wanted to kiss the floorboards.”

Of course, there are several other important aspects in Channing’s chart, but this is her hallmark configuration.  Sometimes astrologers cannot see the forest for the trees, but in this case, the tree is a redwood and it’s right in front of our eyes.  It’s the one thing that has defined the performer and made her a legend in show business for more than seven decades.


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