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Clint Black

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Clint Black

The birthday boy for February 4 is Clint Black.

I’m a big fan of the “Celebrity Apprentice.”  I watched Black during the show’s second season and was surprised to find out how stubborn he was.  That makes me realize that’s something that I haven’t mentioned much in my discussion of the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is a fixed sign.  Anyone born under a fixed sign normally demonstrates a lack of flexibility in their demeanor.  Aquarius individuals, however, usually don’t get really stubborn until they’re around forty-two-years-old.

This age is significant because it not only marks the individual’s second Saturn opposition to its natal position, but also the first Uranus opposition to its natal position.  I claim that it’s the turning point in an Aquarius native’s life when they either become a cranky old jerk or the lovable eccentric that is often associated with this sign.

Black was stubborn on the show, but not necessarily obnoxious.  In fact, I got an eccentric vibe from the performer.  I’m sure he’s a terrific guy when the pressure isn’t on — regardless of what Joan Rivers says.

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