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Garth Brooks

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Garth Brooks

The birthday boy for February 7 is Garth Brooks.

Brooks is the second best-selling solo artist in US history, just behind Elvis Presley.  What intrigues me about the country singer is that he is so much different than most of the artists on that list.  Almost everyone else whom I associate with that sort of success is a character or even a caricature.  Elvis, for instance, is associated with merchandising nowadays as much as music.  Brooks, on the other hand, has made a name for himself simply by being himself — that’s his character!  He’s a portly, balding white guy from Oklahoma who seemed to avoid the pop-music formula altogether while becoming the second most-popular musician in US history.

Yet Brooks exhibited some typically Aquarian behavior when he became Chris Gaines for a while in an attempt to earn some crossover success on the pop charts.  The move was so weird that Brooks ended up dropping the project when it became apparent that the world didn’t want to see Garth Brooks the innovator as much as they wanted to see Garth Brooks the portly, balding white guy from Oklahoma who performed country songs.

The impulse to touch a lot of lives is a hallmark of this sign.  Mass popularity can be like a carrot dangling in front of them at any given moment.  I applaud Brooks for reaching further than most artists in his position would, but I can understand how the world didn’t want to see him as anything else but the character he was already playing.  It’s just the way things go.


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