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Peter Gabriel

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Peter Gabriel

The birthday boy for February 13 is Peter Gabriel.

Gabriel is exactly what modern astrologers want an Aquarius native to be.  He’s made a career as a pop music innovator and a humanitarian.  He appears to be influenced by Uranus more than he’s influenced by Saturn.

I’ll admit that I stumble across one of these Aquarius natives every now and then, but I generally run across a couple dozen who don’t exhibit any of the textbook Aquarian qualities that modern astrology espouses.  Yet Gabriel interests me because he has a seventh-house sun and I consider that to be the weakest position of the sun.  However, a seventh house sun does endow an individual with a profound sense of justice.  Is Gabriel’s humanitarian work a trait that is defined by this position, or is it a characteristic inherent to Aquarians in general?  I choose to believe the former scenario more than the latter.  At first glance he fits modern astrology’s description of how he should be, but on closer inspection I just find more holes in that theory.


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