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Sharon Case

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Sharon Case

The birthday girl for February 9 is Sharon Case.

Case plays Genoa City’s resident tramp on “The Young and the Restless.”  While I really don’t know much about the actress, I do know that her hairstyle hasn’t changed much in the almost eighteen years that she’s been on the show.  Strangely enough, she reminds me a lot of Jennifer Aniston, who also has kept her hair in a similar style for the past two decades.  Aniston is also an Aquarius.

For a sign that other astrologers often describe as “change loving” because of its association with Uranus, I find the sign to be remarkably “fixed.”  In fact, I see more changeability in every other fixed sign because I associate Aquarius with its traditional ruler, Saturn.

I could have this conversation a million times over.  I don’t believe that Aquarius natives are nearly as Uranian as modern astrology would like me to believe.  To me, Sharon Case is just another example of how conservative an Aquarius native can be.


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