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Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain

The birthday boy for February 20 is Kurt Cobain.

I make jokes all the time about Pisces natives being drunks and drug addicts.  I usually don’t regret what I’ve said, but I feel awful making fun of Kurt Cobain.  He represented almost every typical quality of his sun sign — good and bad.  He was artistic, poetic, sensitive, misanthropic, prone to addiction and misunderstood.

In fashion terms, the Grunge movement peaked when Saturn was in Pisces.  I’ve likened the anti-establishment movement to a couple of signs in the past — most notably Sagittarius and Pisces.  Kobain also committed suicide when oppressive Saturn was in Pisces, even referring to his zodiac sign in his suicide note.  The worst part about that was that everyone (including the astrologers who conducted post-mortem analyses of his chart) claimed that they saw his suicide coming.  Well, then why didn’t anyone do anything about it.

I suppose they tried.  Who am I to say?  I’ve seen a lot of other celebrities’ lives ruined by drugs, but for some reason Cobain’s really got to me.  I’ve mentioned before that I always feel protective of Pisces natives.  There’s something in my own astrological makeup that makes me want to take care of them.  Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to compete with drugs when you’re trying to take care of someone.  Add a dose of Pisces into the mix and it can be a lost cause.  You find yourself fighting with someone who innately seeks out oblivion, and oblivion usually comes.


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