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Carrot Top

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Carrot Top

The birthday boy for February 25 is Carrot Top.

I make jokes all the time about Pisces being the drunk sign, or the drug-addicted sign, or both.  In astrology, it’s an accepted fact that this sign is prone to addictions.

Recently, I saw a photo of Carrot Top looking terrific.  He’s stopped lifting weights and he’s lost about thirty pounds.  It became apparent that he was addicted to body building.  It was messing up his appearance.

That should be a lesson to all you Pisces natives: don’t do anything crazy with your appearance unless you’re willing to live with the consequences.  You can stop lifting weights and lose a few pounds, but you can’t put gigantic gauges in your ears or get a million tattoos and change your look tomorrow.  Changeability is a part of your nature.  Don’t believe that you’re never going to reconsider what you’ve done to yourself.


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March 3, 2012 at 10:44 am

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