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Erin Heatherton

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Erin Heatherton

The birthday girl for March 4 is Erin Heatherton.

Heatherton is best known as a model for Victoria’s Secret.  While many of the other “Angels” have experienced a great deal of success over the past couple of years breaking into the so-called “high fashion” market, Heatherton hasn’t become a household name.  It makes me wonder if there’s an astrological connection to her sense of ambition.  Pisces natives aren’t known for their drive, but rather for their lack of desire to pursue the typical pathways to success that most of us follow.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Heatherton didn’t really care for modeling at all, and that she spent her free time writing poetry and baking cookies.  While the sign of Sagittarius is often associated with rampant individuality, Pisces natives tend to be the people who truly march to the beat of their own drum, taking life as it comes without the definite plans that most of us seem to make for ourselves.


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