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Benji & Joel Madden

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Benji & Joel Madden

The birthday boys for March 11 are Benji and Joel Madden.

Like the Gemini Olsen twins, the Maddens seem to suit the signature style of their sign.  I don’t expect Pisces natives to follow the rules of fashion whatsoever; nothing a Pisces individual does surprises me.  However, it is surprising that there are two of them.  Pisces is the only sign beside Gemini represented by a dual symbol: two fish swimming in opposite directions, joined by a cord.  Here’s a rather wordy, yet perceptive explanation of the two-fish symbol:

The dualism implicit in [Pisces’] symbolism is a weakening principle, because the fishes strain against each other rather than support each other’s motion.  This adds an element of vacillation to the way a Piscean thinks and acts, but it also suggests the ability to receive influences from multiple sources which, whilst tending to undermine self-will, gives the capacity for rounded awareness and instinctive understanding of how gain in one area results from loss in another.  (source)

“The ability to receive influences from multiple sources” is one of the qualities that defines this sign.  I’ve always claimed that Pisces style is “in the mix.”  The Maddens mix hard-core elements with more nostaligic items to achieve a look that brings the counter-culture to the mainstream without the deliberate political posturing of a sign like Sagittarius or the ego-driven attention seeking of Aries.

There is an authenticity to the innate dualism of Pisces because — as the passage above indicates — they possess a “rounded awareness and instinctive understanding” of who they are.  It’s second nature for them to be themselves by wearing whatever they want and mixing without matching.  Matching would require a commitment to the notion of fashion itself that counteracts the “vacillation” that defines this sign.


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