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Kathy Hilton

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Kathy Hilton

The birthday girl for March 13 is Kathy Hilton.

While I often point out that many Pisces individuals have succumbed to substance addictions, Hilton has apparently kept her nose clean.  It’s another story with her sister,  Kim Richards of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  On that show, Richards often points out that she’s a Virgo, claiming that her various neuroses have something to do with her zodiac sign.

Virgo individuals are neurotic; it’s the reason that they turn to drugs and alcohol.  They voice every possible scenario in their heads over and over until it consumes them and they can no longer function.  If Pisces natives abuse drugs and alcohol it’s usually to shut down voices in their heads other than their own.

I don’t know if Hilton has ever had any problems similar to her sister’s issues, but if she has, it doesn’t show.  She seems to be remarkably well-grounded for a Pisces native — even moreso than her earthy Capricorn sister, Kyle Richards.  Perhaps Hilton’s sun sign doesn’t make her want to assume control of every situation (like her sister Kyle does), and that quality endows her with a more easygoing nature.  I wish that Hilton was also on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” so that I could know for sure.  The three of them would make a great astrological case study.

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