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Kathy Ireland

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Kathy Ireland

The birthday girl for March 20 is Kathy Ireland.

It amazes me that Ireland is as successful as she is.  When she was modeling, I didn’t find anything about her to be particularly compelling.  Now that she’s a businesswoman, I don’t live to buy her products.  In fact, I don’t even know what she sells or where she sells it.  I do know that she got lucky when she got the right people behind her when she started her “brand,” just like the Olsen twins or Jessica Simpson.

But even luck isn’t in her chart.  Ireland was born when Venus was conjunct Saturn.  That is an aspect that is often considered to thwart artistic expression.  Through adverse transits it’s also considered to bring bad luck to business dealings.  Without an accurate birthtime, however, I can’t place the aspect within the houses to elucidate this matter.  There’s nothing I can do to explain her chart.

I almost feel as if I’m going to find out that she’s been lying about the year she was born: something that happens with celebrities every now and then.  Nothing else can explain how she’s become a billion-dollar corporation when no one even really knows who she is.  She’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle and stuffed into a package that is glossy and nice too look at but remarkably unmemorable.


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