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Bill Bellamy

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Bill Bellamy

The birthday boy for April 7 is Bill Bellamy.

I’m a fan of “Chelsea Lately” so I see Bill Bellamy appearing on the round table quite frequently.  I was very surprised to discover that the comedian is about ten months older than me.  He looks fantastic!

Aries is supposed to be a youthful, energetic sign.  It’s also an impulsive sign, and I can cite plenty of examples of Aries individuals whose appearance has been adversely affected by poor impulse control.  I don’t know what Bellamy’s secret of eternal youth is, but he looks like a teenager, not a forty-seven-year-old man.  Does he have good impulse control?  Good genes?  A healthy lifestyle?  Does he drink the blood of the living?  Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.  This is one of the rare occasions that you’ll ever catch me admitting that I’m jealous of an Aries native!


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