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Vincent Gallo

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Vincent Gallo

The birthday boy for April 11 is Vincent Gallo.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Gallo is an Aries.  The two worst-mannered signs in the zodiac are Aries and Sagittarius.  The latter sign can impart its natives with a brusque nature.  They’re the sort of people who belch at the dinner table because they think being gassy is funny.  The former sign often imparts its natives with bad manners because they blurt out whatever they’re thinking without considering the implications of their words.

Gallo is best-known for having a short, yet very ugly war of words with film critic Roger Ebert.  Gallo was outwitted and outclassed before the argument ever began, but that didn’t stop him from firing the first shot.

I can’t stand people who defend their lack of tact by claiming that they “have no filter.”  Saying the first rotten thing that comes to your mind every time you open your mouth is rude.  Aries natives have to work twice as hard as anyone else in the zodiac to temper their reactions, but it is possible for them to gain control over their own mouths.

Since the episode with Ebert, Gallo hasn’t courted much controversy.  Perhaps he learned from his mistake.  Yes, even an Aries can figure out how to be less like an Aries.


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