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Paloma Picasso

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Paloma Picasso

The birthday girl for April 19 is Paloma Picasso.

I had never looked up Paloma Picasso’s sign before, but after stumbling upon her birthday a moment ago, I can’t believe how well she fits into the aesthetic of her sign.  Not only did she design bold, modern jewelry, but her signature fragrance embodied a woman Picasso herself described as intended for “strong women like herself.”

The icing on the cake, however, was the designer’s association with the color red and her fondness for fire-engine red lipstick.  Red is the signature Aries color.  I can’t think of anyone else in the fashion business besides Valentino Garavani who has a closer association with the color, and he’s a Taurus.  I suppose Christian Louboutin also has made red his signature color, but he’s a Capricorn like me.  If I was to use red as an homage to Aries, I’d probably put it on the bottom of a shoe, too.  Anyway, it all makes me wish that I had looked up Picasso’s sign years ago.  C’est la vie!


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