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Jamie Salé

The birthday girl for April 21 is Jamie Salé.

I rarely get to meet the celebrites I talk about on this blog, but I’ve met Olympic gold medalist Jamie Salé because she used to go to my gym.  We’ve even talked about astrology.

Now Salé really does strike me as a Taurus.  She’s earthy and she plays the girl-next-door role well.  In fact, the routine that won her a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics saw her dressed in an atypical outift for a female figure skater, resembling a button-up sweater and an inconspicuous skirt.  The content of the routine required that the audience and the judges would relate to the character that Salé was portraying, and she accomplised that goal admirably.

Relatability is one of the hallmark qualities of Taurus style.  No one expects the girl next door to be dressed in head-to-toe sequins, do they?  I suppose that they do fantasize about her posing for “FHM,” though . . .


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