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Barbra Streisand

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Barbra Streisand

The birthday girl for April 24 is Barbra Streisand.

Streisand is such a Taurus!  She’s earthy, decadent and adores creature comforts.  For that reason I find it odd that many people who work in fashion look back at her 1969 Arnold Scaasi Oscar outfit as either something that suited her sense of style.  I thought the look was completely out-of-character for the actress.  A sheer, beaded, bell-bottomed pantsuit?  Nothing about that outfit said “Taurus” to me!

More often than not, Streisand prefers to take the stage in dresses that are designed by Donna Karan or dresses that resemble designs by Donna Karan.  Karan is a master of creating clothing that makes women of any size and shape feel secure and comfortable about their bodies.  I bet Streisand didn’t feel comfortable at all in that Scaasi number even though she was in her twenties at the time (and even though Scaasi himself was a Taurus).  While plenty of decadent Taurus women have made a career of showing skin, Streisand was never one of them.

In my book, I mention Streisand’s wardrobe in “What’s Up, Doc?” as the clothing choices that would most likely resemble clothing the performer would choose for herself.  I stand by that assertion to this day.  And I stand by my assertion that Streisand didn’t look like Streisand when she accepted her Oscar.  Stylish or not, that was not the right look for her.


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