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The birthday girl for May 5 is Adele.

I make jokes all the time about Taurus being the “fat” sign because I know a lot of self-indulgent Taurus natives who like to eat.  I don’t really believe that Taurus individuals are fatter than anyone else in the zodiac, but I do believe that they can have poor impulse control when it comes to situations where their decadent nature is put to the test.  If one native of each zodiac sign was put at a table with a box containing a dozen dounts, I suppose the Taurus individual would be the first to dig in.

I guess it doesn’t surprise me that Adele is a Taurus.  I suppose that a big part of her appeal is that she seems like the girl next door who just happens to have a terrific set of pipes.  Often when someone like Adele breaks onto the scene with a few extra pounds on their hips, they use their newfound fame and wealth to deal with their weight.  They get trainers and personal chefs working with them in order to slim down to a more camera-friendly silhouette.  Take Adele’s fellow Taureans, Carnie Wilson and Janet Jackson, for example.  They’ve both lost a lot of weight while the spotlight was on them.

I don’t know who doesn’t look at themselves in photos without a critical eye, but I suspect that there are more Taurus natives around who simply accept their size as a part of their personality.  They don’t feel compelled to live up to an impossible standard.  For that reason, I don’t believe we’ll be looking at Adele in a couple of years on the cover of “Shape” magazine with a new face that she just bought in the plastic surgeon’s office.  For every self-indulgent Taurus women there is in the world, there’s another who expresses the easygoing nature of her sign.  I get the feeling that Adele is in the latter category.  I hope that I’m right.


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