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Cheryl Burke

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Cheryl Burke

The birthday girl for May 3 is Cheryl Burke.

Last week on “Dancing with the Stars,” I thought it was interesting that Melissa Gilbert got the boot on her birthday because it occurred to me that Cheryl Burke and Tom Bergeron also celebrated their birthdays the previous week.  It made me wonder how many other Taurus natives were involved with the show.

Today I realized that Derek Hough is also a Taurus.  Then I remembered that Len Goodman is a Taurus, too.  While I still haven’t looked into the birthdays of the rest of the cast, it’s something I’m going to have to get around to doing.  I know that there are plenty of Capricorns involved with the show, too.  It’s weird!  It’s even weirder how much this Capricorn likes the show!  It’s my dream in life to get famous enough to be cast on DWTS.  I wish that I could see that in my stars!


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