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Farah Fath

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Farah Fath

More catching up to do!  Maybe by the end of this week . . .

The birthday girl for May 1 is Farah Fath.

I don’t know much about Fath because I don’t regularly watch the soaps that she appeared in.  However, I did watch “Dirty Soap” on E!  Fath and her boyfriend, fellow soap actor John-Paul Lavoisier, were my favorites on the reality show.  Lavoisier is a Pisces.  On the other hand, Fath’s nemesis on the show was actress Kirsten Storms, who just happened to be an Aries.  I couldn’t stand her!

It’s funny that I also find myself enjoying the company of Taurus and Pisces natives in real life, while I tend to avoid most Aries natives like the plague.  It’s as if the universe has programmed my aversion to the sign of Aries into my DNA.  Sorry, Kirsten Storms!


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