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Pandora Boxx

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Pandora Boxx

The birthday girl for May 2 is Pandora Boxx.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I seem to get along better with Taurus and Pisces natives than with any other individuals born under different signs.  Perhaps that’s why I instantly felt a rapport with Pandora Boxx aka Michael Steck when I saw him on the casting site for the second season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  I interviewed him for my other blog even before the show began to air.  Not long after, Pandora was on her way to becoming a fan favorite for the “Drag Race” viewers.

Of course, she owes her success entirely to me.  I’m kidding!  She really owes her success to her down-to-earth Taurus nature.  She’s sort of a girl-next-door type, unlike Tyra Sanchez — the winner of the second season of “Drag Race.”  Coincidentally, Tyra Sanchez shares Boxx’s zodiac sign.  Unfortunately, the cosmos didn’t bless Sanchez with any of Boxx’s endearing Taurean qualities.  Frankly, she was sort of a bitch.  In fact, she had me rooting for Raven — the show’s Aries runner-up.  You know you’re unpleasant when I would choose an Aries over you . . .

But I digress!  Boxx seems to be a Taurus through-and-through.  It’s funny how can I pick my friends without even knowing their signs.  I’m sure it happens to other people all the time, but they probably don’t notice because they’re self-absorbed Aries natives.  Whoops — there I go again!


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