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Audrina Patridge

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Audrina Patridge

The birthday girl for May 9 is Audrina Patridge.

I didn’t watch “The Hills,” so I wasn’t sure what to expect when Audrina Patridge was cast on “Dancing with the Stars.”  Everything I knew about her I learned from watching “The Soup.”  I was surprised by how much I liked her.  She’s sweet and down-to-earth.  And she was voted off the show far too early.

My own bias toward this sign is obvious: I like Taurus natives.  They don’t really have to do anything to attract me.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t try too hard to be attractive.  When I look at photos of Audrina I certainly don’t find myself fawning over the red carpet pics; it’s the candid, casual shots that make me realize how pretty she is.  She needs to cultivate that part of her personality.  Like all the sequins and glitter on “Dancing with the Stars,” glitz and glamour doesn’t work for her nearly as well as a fresh face and a sweet smile.


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May 20, 2012 at 7:41 am

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