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Anne Heche

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Anne Heche

The birthday girl for May 25 is Anne Heche.

I first became familiar with Heche when she played identical twins on the soap opera “Another World.”  She was terrific in both roles, winning a daytime Emmy before she left the show to pursue bigger and better things.  Of course, it was a Gemini who brought those roles to life.  Who else could have played twins with such aplomb?

Nevertheless, it’s Heche’s personal life that truly identifies her as a textbook Gemini.  She’s been through a lot of changes, and changeability defines this zodiac sign more than any other quality.  I’m usually surprised by Gemini natives who don’t undergo revolutionary changes.  In fact, they make me sort of suspicious because I always feel as if the other shoe is about to drop.

As far as style goes, Heche belongs in the “Short Hair Hall of Fame” for her pixie cut.  A couple of posts back I mentioned Ginnifer Goodwin’s haircut as being representative of her astrological sign.  When Heche had short hair, she was also perceived as a short-hair icon.  I can imagine a lot of women went to hair salons with a photo of Heche in their hands when she first cut her hair.  It was a terrific cut and perfectly in tune with her sun sign.  I’ve read that she sometimes hears voices in her head.  Maybe it’s the universe telling her that she should keep her hair short.


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