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Linden Ashby

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Linden Ashby

The birthday boy for May 23 is Linden Ashby.

Ashby is one of those actors who has been around forever.  One thing I’ve noticed about him is that he usually plays a hero or a villain.  He’s either good or he’s evil — there seems to be a strong polarity one way of the other to the characters he portrays.

That’s sort of the antithesis of Gemini.  I’ve used this image before to describe the sign, but I’m going to use it again.  Geminis are less like twins and more like two sides of the same coin.  One side is good, and the other is evil.  Yet rather than just being able to see one side of the coin, imagine that coin spinning on its side so fast that your eyes perceive both images simultaneously.  That’s what a Gemini is like: all good and all evil all the time.

Anyway, I don’t much about Linden Ashby otherwise.  I do know that I’d like him to return to “The Young and the Restless.”  He was pretty good at playing a polarizing villain on that show.  I loved to hate him!

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