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Archie Panjabi

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Archie Panjabi

The birthday girl for May 31 is Archie Panjabi.

I’m starting to think that there was an astrologer present at the casting sessions for “The Good Wife.”  First Matt Czuchry, now Archie Panjabi . . .

What makes Panjabi’s character so interesting on the show is that it’s difficult for both the other characters and the audience itself to get a grip on Kalinda Sharma’s motivations.  If there’s anything that distinguishes a Gemini, it’s that.  Their motives change on a dime, so they can be impossible to read.

Panjabi plays my favorite character on any scripted television show.  I should give kudos to the actress for putting on such a compelling performance.  Now that I know she’s a Gemini, however, I’m not sure if the role is such a stretch for her.


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May 31, 2012 at 10:52 am

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  1. Speaking of “The Good Wife”, both Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies are Geminis. Being a Gemini myself, I instantly felt a kinship with both actresses. I knew that they had to be Geminis because of that mischievous grin they both have. That shit-eating grin that tells you they’e up to no good. The Gemini grin. A Gemini can almost always spot another Gemini.

    Julianna Margulies said that she’s pretty much the opposite of Alicia, which is true of Geminis. We’re not usually uptight. But, like Kalinda, we’re usually guarded in the presence of people we don’t trust, like or feel comfortable with. Trust is a big thing with Geminis. We’re not secretive like Scorpios are supposed to be, we don’t keep “secrets”, we just don’t reveal a lot about ourselves if we don’t trust you. There are layers upon layers to the Gemini personality. It’s not that we’re “superficial”, it’s just that we don’t let a lot of people in. If we don’t trust a person, we’ll let them scratch the surface and think we’re “superficial.” We reveal many more layers to the people we trust. Still, not even they will get the whole story about us. Every Gemini is composed of thousands of possible personalities. It’s not inconsistency, it’s just about activating the personality we want to be today. Every person is a lot of different things, but everybody usually chooses a side that they want to present to people and they stick with it. We think it’s limiting because we can be all of those things at different times. So one day it’s the seductress, another day it’s the maid, the actress, the mother, the wife, the little girl, etc. We shed our skin, so to speak. We can play the Devil’s Advocate because, like a Libra, we can easily see both sides of an issue. What distinguishes us from the Libra is that we can play for both teams. We’ll sometimes argue a point from both sides just for fun. Or we’ll argue one side and then the other side. If we don’t have a personal stake in either side, we’ll argue both or just one that we arbitrarily choose. For fun. We like the debate. It’s not that we change out motivation, it’s just that if we’re not seriously attached to either side of an issue, the better offer wins. And even if we are, the better offer still wins. We’re also investigators. We’ll be listening to what people are saying at all times, even when they think we aren’t paying attention. We pay attention to little details everybody misses, like the shape of the ring you were wearing or the number of rings in your bracelet. And we’re not above using that information, but only when provoked first. We’re not malicious, we don’t get our kicks out of hurting people, but provoke us or wrong us and we will make you pay. And that’s Kalinda in a nutshell. It is fitting that she’s played by a Gemini.


    July 24, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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