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Mel B

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Mel B

The birthday girl for May 29 is Mel B.

My favorite Spice Girls were the two Mels.  Mel C is a Capricorn, like me.  Mel B is a Gemini.  I usually get along with Geminis because I applaud their ability to embrace their awfulness.  On the other hand, I don’t always gel with individuals born under the other three signs represented by the remaining Spice Girls: Aries, Leo and Aquarius.

Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham bugged the hell out of me as a Spice Girl, but I do believe that she’s a tremendously talented fashion designer.  She actually bugs me a lot less than most Aries natives do.  Ginger Spice drove me crazy with her big ego, as almost all Leo natives do.  I found her to be very entertaining, but when she left the group to go solo I could barely believe it because I thought that she was tied with Posh as the worst singer of the bunch.  Baby Spice, the Aquarius, also rubbed me the wrong way because I’m sort of grossed-out by women who infantalize themselves.  But taking a time-honored cliche and turning it into a non-threatening, mass-market caricature is something an Aquarius would do.  Everything about the character of Baby Spice rang false with me.  I often discuss how Jennifer Aniston’s public persona seems so contrived.  Contriving a public persona is the Aquarius way, though.  I shoudn’t be surprised that people liked Baby Spice when saw right through her schtick.  I hated her guts.

Mel B, on the other hand, was a good singer, a good dancer and a good entertainer.  I adored her on “Dancing with the Stars,” but once again she was paired with a Capricorn: professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  There’s really not a lot in common between these two signs, but in some ways they kind of bring out the worst in each other in a very entertaining way.  Geminis aren’t afraid to reveal their bad side and Capricorns are thrilled to play along with someone who doesn’t always stand on decorum.  Together, they’re sort of rotten, but in the most delightful way.

I don’t know if Mel B and Mel C actually got along as Spice Girls, but I can imagine that they would have enjoyed each other’s company in small, infrequent doses.  I can also imagine them knowing that they had all the talent in the group but never actually saying it to the others.  They would probably just smile slyly at each other and it would be understood.  That’s sort of how these two signs work together.  Still, they don’t really work together for very long.  That’s just the way it goes.


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May 31, 2012 at 10:28 am

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  1. There’s a reason why Geminis don’t get along with Capricorns. The primary example of the Gemini-Capricorn lack-of-understanding is Elvis’s relationship with Priscilla. He thought he was the “grown up”, she thought he was a judgmental controlling father figure with a stick up his ass, who wouldn’t know fun if it sat on his face. Mel C was always my least favourite Spice Girl, even before I knew that she was a Capricorn, and Geri my favourite. Geminis get along great with Leos. We hate drama (Leos love drama), but we love Leos because their big egos are funny, and we love humor. Plus, Leos know that they’re ego-maniacs and they’re not above making fun of themselves for it. And they can put on a hell of a show. They’re entertaining and Geminis like entertainment. You’re right, though, that Geminis can stand Capricorns in small doses, and vice versa. We have nothing in common.


    July 24, 2012 at 1:57 pm

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