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Russell Brand

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Russell Brand

The birthday boy for June 4 is Russell Brand.

A zodiac sign has more in common with the sign that opposes it than with the signs that flank it or the signs that flank the sign that opposes it.  Gemini, for instance, has nothing in common with with Taurus and Cancer, and even less in common with Scorpio and Capricorn.  It does, however, share the same polarity as Sagittarius.  At least it’s something!

Actually, I do find individuals born under these sun signs to be tremendously different in theory, yet more similar in practice than most people realize.  Both signs endow their natives with an outgoing nature.  Geminis tend to be more superficial, though, and Sagittarians are reputed to be deep.  That’s why I often describe Gemini natives as having a what-you-see-is-what-you-get quality.

I see that quality in Russell Brand.  He doesn’t really try to hide behind a contrived public persona.  And I can cite dozens of Gemini celebrities that allow the public to really know who they are.  I don’t see the same thing with Sagittarius celebrities.  In fact, I often see them perpetuating a public image that is patently false as they attempt to appeal to a broader fan base.  I don’t believe that Russell Brand cares all that much if you like him or not.  That’s sort of the Gemini way!


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