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Pete Wentz

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Pete Wentz

The birthday boy for June 5 is Pete Wentz.

I don’t expect a Gemini native to have a particular style, but I do expect that most Gemini natives have a style.  It could be all over the map, but it’s all over the map all the time.  There’s something flighty and Mercurial about the best-dressed Gemini individuals that sets them apart from the pack, making them some of the most stylish individuals in the zodiac.

Guyliner aficionado Pete Wentz has a distinct sense of style.  It may seem cliche in 2012, but ten years ago he was doing things that no one else was really doing.  You see that a lot in Gemini natives: they seem to set the trends.  I often refer to Gemini as the trendiest sign of the zodiac for that reason — only they lead rather than follow.

I can think of a few fashion oddballs that share Wentz’s sign, including Prince, Boy George and Johnny Depp.  Each of these celebrities was able to influence mainstream fashion with their sense of style.  But like the sign of Gemini itself, their influence was often fleeting.  From a style perspective, each of them continued to evolve, but they’ll all be remembered for the moment that fashion tried to catch up to them while they were doing their own thing.  That’s why I view them as the trendsetters of the zodiac.


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