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The birthday girl for June 12 is Robyn.

Like many of the pop-music icons who share her sign, Robyn is kind of weirdo.  She seems to live in a universe all her own where the rules of fashion don’t apply.

I don’t often try to judge people who fit into this mold.  Sometimes I find that their personal style is incongruent with the signature style of their sun sign (Stevie Nicks, for example), and other times I find that their fashion choices reflect the dynamic, youthful, hermaphroditic energy of Gemini (Prince; Boy George).  In either case, I seem to admire them when they appear to be disconnected from the business of fashion.

When I really think about what defines the style of this zodiac sign, I imagine teenagers who believe that everything they think of is new and novel — even when it comes from second-hand shops.  It’s the charming naivete of Gemini natives that I find appealing.  They can be rather myopic in that manner, but that’s par for the course.  Geminis see the trees, not the forest.  It’s the bigger picture that sometimes elude them.


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