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Selma Blair

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Selma Blair

The birthday girl for June 23 is Selma Blair.

I’m a big fan of Selma Blair personal style.  Not only do I believe that she’s got an innate “coolness” about her, but I also believe that she represents the signature style of her zodiac sign better than almost any other Cancer actress in Hollywood.

Cancer women can be a little too hard so they need to lighten up their look with things like sheer fabrics, lighter colors and cosmetics that have pearly sheen.  Too often, they either dress like funeral directors, pilgrims or school marms.  Conversely, there’s another kind of Cancer woman who dresses like she’s headed to an interview at Hooters.  I’m sure I’ll discuss that look a lot over the next few weeks.

But I digress!  Selma Blair’s mostly black and white wardrobe suits her well.  She usually shows a little skin to soften the appearance of all-black looks, and she seems to throw a little white into the mix for good measure.  She’s dark, but not too dark.  She’s serious, but not too serious.  She’s a Cancer, but she’s not a crab.  It’s a cool vibe that is both feminine and alluring.

Can you tell you I like her?


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