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Solange Knowles

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Solange Knowles

The birthday girl for June 24 is Solange Knowles.

Knowles has recently become a darling of the fashion press.  In fact, the photo I posted above is from an article in the “Telegraph” that recently awarded Knowles the distinction “June’s most fashionable.”

Now a woman can’t be all that fashionable without fashion; Knowles is lucky that designers are so eager to lend her clothes.  But at the moment I’m not getting a personal-style vibe from the performer.  I am starting to see that Knowles recognizes where she previously went over-the-top with her wardrobe.  She’s reigned in her style in a manner that suits the somewhat classic style of her Cancer sun sign.  I expect a little more growth now that she’s got her head around what works for her.  I also expect to see Knowles in more outfits that combine the pieces of different designers.  At the moment she has a bit of an off-the-rack appearance.  She looks great, but she’s going to look even better when she stops being a model and starts being a muse.


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