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Eve Myles

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Eve Myles

The birthday girl for July 8 is Eve Myles.

I was a little late to the “Torchwood” party.  By the time I started watching it, Eve Myles’ character had turned into Ripley from “Aliens.”  Still, it wasn’t until after I had watched the show that I discovered the actress has a Cancer sun sign.

Her character, Gwen Cooper, was a textbook Cancer native: tough on the outside, soft on the inside and as maternal as they come.  I really don’t know what the character was like before she had children, but I don’t suspect that she was much different than the Gwen Cooper of “Miracle Day.”  I could be wrong, though.  Motherhood does invoke some very primal responses.  In fact, I believe that most astrologers miss that primal side of Cancer when they discuss the sign.  A Cancer native can be all business — even moreso than a businesslike Capricorn native — when she’s protecting her family.  She might be more sensitive than any other girl in the zodiac, but her ability to detach when circumstances call for strength and stoicism is unparalleled.

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