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Heather Marks

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Heather Marks

The birthday girl for July 25 is Heather Marks.

Heather Marks is in the middle of a career renaissance.  After breaking into the fashion business a few years ago, her career waned and it seemed as if she wasn’t going to live up to her potential.  Recently, however, the model has seen herself snapping up high-profile campaigns that are normally reserved for modeling’s A-list.

Comebacks like that are not uncommon in modeling, but I sort of expect a Leo to never go away.  In astrology, the idea of a comeback suits the sign of Scorpio, or maybe Capricorn.  Still, you can never count a Leo out.  Now that Marks is back at the top, I don’t expect her to go away anytime soon.  In fact, with her girl-next-door-meets-high-fashion looks, she’s probably going to break into acting any day now.


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