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Laura Leighton

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Laura Leighton

The birthday girl for July 24 is Laura Leighton.

I play a little game with myself sometimes when I’m thinking of ways to describe certain signs.  I think of a phrase and then I think of the signs that best describe that phrase.  For instance, if I said “scene stealer,” I would describe the phrase with Aries and Leo.

It’s no surprise to me to learn that Laura Leighton is a Leo.  I remember two particular scenes in the original “Melrose Place” like they happened yesterday.  One was Laura Leighton’s character Sydney’s fight with her sister Jane in the swimming pool, and the other was Kimberley’s scar reveal.  Kimberly was played by Aries actress Marcia Cross.

Of course, the two most-memorable scenes from seven seasons of the hit show involve the zodiac’s “scene stealers.”  Even Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) couldn’t compete with that.


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