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Stephanie Seymour

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Stephanie Seymour

The birthday girl for July 23 is Stephanie Seymour.

Earlier this month I composed a couple of posts where I mentioned Stephanie Seymour alongside Gisele Bündchen while discussing Cancer supermodels.  I corrected the posts soon afterward, realizing that Seymour is a Leo, not a Cancer.

Just out of curiousity, I punched up her chart only to realize that she’s got a Cancer moon, Mercury and Mars.  Her sun and Venus are both in Leo.  I don’t have a birthtime for the model, so I can’t confirm her rising sign.  Nevertheless, I don’t feel so stupid for getting her sign wrong now that I know that she has such strong Cancer influences in her chart.

Somewhere on this blog is a post about Gisele where I confess that I thought that she was a Leo until I looked up her chart.  I guess women with big hair AND big boobs just give me a combined Leo/Cancer vibe.  Who can fault me for that?


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