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Maya Rudolph

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Maya Rudolph

The birthday girl for July 27 is Maya Rudolph.

I don’t know much about Maya Rudolph’s personal life, but I do know that the most famous funny lady in the history of television shared Rudolph’s sign.  Lucille Ball was also a Leo.

The one thing about Leo funny ladies that I’ve noticed is that they seem to have absolutely no shame; that’s what makes them so funny.  Debra Messing is also a Leo, along with Kristen WiigSandra Bullock, Kim Cattrall, Valerie Harper and Lisa Kudrow.  Their comedy is broad and often lacking in subtlety.  Nevertheless, they are born to be scene-stealers, even when they’re playing the role of second banana.

This is a sign that lives for the top-billing, yet a Leo actress is just as likely to relish a supporting role because some time in front of the camera is better than no time.  No matter how discriminating she is in other matters, when it comes to fame she’ll do whatever it takes to see her name in lights.


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